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Council for Christian Colleges and Universities in the United States

Frequently Asked Questions about Christian Colleges
Why should I consider going to a Christian school?

By choosing a Christian college that is a member of the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities, students can be confident that they will be attending an institution that has a strong commitment to relating scholarship and service to biblical truth. All of our member institutions are fully accredited comprehensive colleges and universities that have a broad curricula rooted in the arts and sciences. Students of CCCU campuses are challenged academically, professionally, personally and spi ritually.

Describe some differences between Christian and non--Christian schools.

According to the US Department of Education, there are about 4, 000 degree-granting institutions of higher education in the United States of America.

Approximately 1, 600 of those are private, non-profit campuses and about 900 describe themselves as "religiously affiliated. " However, only 98 intentionally Christ-centered institutions in the US have qualified for membership in the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU).

Some notable characteristics of CCCU institutions include: a strong commitment to Christ-centered higher education primarily four-year comprehensive colleges and universities; full regional accreditation; broad curricula rooted in the arts and sciences; a challenging academic environment; and a supportive Christian community.

On the surface, you'll find that CCCU campuses are typically smaller than public institutions which means a smaller faculty-to-student ratio. Consequently, students receive more personal ized instruction and benefit from

the relationships they build with professors and peers inside the classroom as well as outside. Despite the smaller campus population, CCCU institutions remain at the top of US higher education with outstanding academic and residential facilities.

What if I'm not Christian?

CCCU campuses have various admissions criteria. Some campuses require students to share their faith commitment during the application process; others do not. Prospective students should look at several CCCU campuses and investigate their admissions criteria.

Are Christian schools mainly non-denominational?

Most Christian colleges and universities are affiliated with a denomination. However, there are some that are non-denom i nation-al. You can sort by denominations using

http://www.christiancollegesearch. com

Is the emphasis more on spiritual or academic development?

It's difficult to separate those two ideas at CCCU campuses because our institutions are focused on developing the whole person- mind, body and spirit. The personal, academic, professional and spiritual development occur hand-in-hand.

What is dorm the like? Are campus rules more strict than at non-religious universities?

Every CCCU campus is a little bit different when it comes to residential life.

However, it's the Christian community that ties them together. Prospective students are sure to find a quick "home" at one of our institutions. Residential life (and student development) is designed to foster personal growth for each student.

I'm looking for a school that can offer me an experience in addition to an academic career. What can I expect at a Christian school?

Alumni from CCCU institutions describe their experiences at a Christian campuses much more positively than do alumni from public institutions. A recent survey of alumni shows that CCCU alumni consider themselves better prepared to succeed in the career that God has called them and they have a far stronger sense of purpose and mission in life than other college graduates. While they are prepared to succeed in a career, their calling extends beyond that to all facets of their life after college.

What kinds of extracurricular activities can I get involved InÚs The list of activities is almost as diverse as the colleges themselves. Prospective students will find an array of co- and extracurricular

activities in which they can be involved. CCCU campuses are recognized for their intramural as well as varsity athletics for both men and women. Each CCCU campus will offer a variety of social and academic clubs where students can find their niche.

I'm worried about settling in. Will there be support from faculty members?

New students at CCCU campuses will find a small community where they will be supported as they make the transition to the new environment. Most CCCU campuses provide additional services

for international students.

Kevin Trowbridge, Director of Communications. Council for Christian Colleges and Universities

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