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The University of Alaska Anchorage

Alaska Adventures AwaitAnchorage is a city of extremes perched at the edge of a great wilderness adventure: Alaska. Here, international students give a variety of perspectives on life in this exciting city and state.

Where is Home by Ekaterina Kuznetsova

I first arrived in Anchorage, Alaska, as a high school exchange student from Magadan, Russia, in August of 1993. In 1996, I came back to Alaska to study at the University of Alaska Anchorage. My five-year journey as an undergraduate student was full of adventures. I met incredible people who challenged me to go after my dreams. The longer I was here, the less Magadan seemed I ike home, but Anchorage wasn't home either.

By the end of my sophomore year, I rediscovered dance as a medium of self-expression and education. (I was a competitive ballroom dancer before I first came to Alaska. ) My involvement with the Dance Ensemble and Dance Club proved to be one of the most significant experiences of my student life. The more I learned about dance technique, composition and performance, the more confidence I gained for continuing my education in dance scholarship.

Given my enthusiasm, myadvi'sors encouraged me to design my own degree, which allowed me to fuse communication technology and business administration with foreign languages (French



and Spanish) and dance scholar'ship. Now I am a graduate of UAA with a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies and Arts Administration. This fall, I plan to start the Adult Education gradèsuate program.

Bei ng a foreign student is not easy, but it is a rewarding adventure. I have corne a long way in my search for horne. Home is not far at all; it is all around me when I talk to my family on the telephone, spend time with friends, when I dream and when I dance.

Advice for the Interested

by Anders Wennerstrom

For a Swede, life here is easy, if somewhat expensive. Anchorage is a little colder, a little darker and gets a little more snow than I'm used to, living in the far south of Sweden. But the adjustment is fairly easy. People are friendly, in

that "American" kind of way outgoing, easy to talk to.

Some advice if you come here: Get a car. There's a reason all Americans have cars. The public transportation system is nothing like what I'm used to. And the city sprawls. It looks like space was never really an issue. There's quite a bit of it to go

around in a state with a population a tenth of Sweden's.

For the outdoors fan, there is much to do here. But that's not all. Anchorage has bars, clubs, shopping, theatres, a symphony - and even an opera company! It's a real city, at least according to Swedish standards. I guess that's why they say Anchorage isn't really a part of Alaska.

How to look Alaskan in three easy steps: Grow a beard. If you're a woman, you already know you don't need a beard to shoot moose or chase off bears, but for men having one helps.

Get Carhartts. (It's a brand of sturdy outdoor clothing, everyone has Carhartt pants. ) Wear a woolen hat - all the time - or a baseball cap. Or both.

A Rewarding Opportunity

by Maxim Sorokoletov

I came to Alaska from the Republ ic of Uzbekistan. Studying as an international student at the University of Alaska Anchorage offers me an opportunity to become familiarwith a new culture and to enjoy communication and friendship with students from different cultural backgrounds and traditions.

Back row, left to right: Taniesh Lue, Belize; Maxim Sorokoletov, Uzbekistan; Ekaterina Kuznetsova, Russian Far East. Front row, left to right: Michiko Takeda, Japan; Anders Wennerstrom, Sweden. Photography by Michael Dineen/UAA, 2001.

tra nswo rl ded u cati 0 n. CO m

Alaska is an interesting and fascinating place to live. The nature is wonderful, and if you haven't seen the northern lights (aurora borealis), this is the place to see them.

The university offers a great education, a variety of majors, and career advancement opportunities to its students. There are a lot of opportunities for involvement in student life: intramural sports, student clubs and student organizations. My experience here is incredibly rewarding and brings me great satisfaction.

Friendly Alaskans

by Taniesh Lue

I left Belize in Central America to study at the University of Alaska Anchorage one and a

half years ago. I love living in Alaska. Yes, Alaska does have short summers and long winters but there are advantages to this! For example, there are many activities to do during the summer, like camping, hiking or sightseeing. In winter you can go snow boarding or skiing or just go to watch ice sculptors.

Many international students suffer cultural shock. I dealt with it by joining school clubs and talking to other foreign students to see how they were coping. I learned a lot from them. I made other very good friends. I found that Alaskans are the friend I iest people. My friends are evidence of that! Now I don't even want to think about leaving Alaska because I will miss my friends so much!

Sharing Is My Experience by Michiko Takeda

I came to Alaska from Japan eight years ago in order to improve my English skills. I acquired a bachelor's degree in Art at UAA, and I am currently enrolled in a Master's of Adult Education program to become a Japanese language teacher. I am also enjoying the opportunity to teach a Japanese class at UAA as an adjunct faculty member.

I encountered some difficulties when I first got to Alaska. When I did not understand the class materials and had a hard time talking in English, people were helpful and patient, listened to what I wanted to say and gave me lots of technical help and emotional support.

One of the advantages of studèsying in Alaska are the small class sizes which make it easy to get to know the instructors as well as classmates, creating an enjoyable and comfortable learning atmosphere.

UAA is also very open to other cultures. I have attended several international events, cooked Japanese food such as tempura and sushi, and shared my Japanese culture, while getting to know other cultures, such as Russian and German.

I feel fortunate to be a student at UAA, receiving a good quality education in a comfortable learning environment, while having lots of opportunities to meet good people who enjoy learning by sharing cultures.

University of Alaska AnchorageAnchorage, AK  99508

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Website: www.uaa. alaska.edu

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