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Study at Fremont College California

Our goal is to help you transform your hopes, ambitions, and dreams into reality. Fremont College offers a concise, yet thorough curriculum that is designed to prepare students to work in tomorrow's world. Fremont College teaches real-world practical classes and grants Associates Degrees in our Business Program, Paralegal Studies Program, and Massage and Sports Therapy Program, with timely and up-to- date information. Our programs evolve to fit the ever-changing requirements of today's workplace. It is this combination of educational excellence and practical training that gives Fremont College's graduates a competitive edge. At Fremont, education is just the beginning of the relationship between you and our staff and faculty. From your first class until long after you graduate, you will notice our commitment to your success. We will be with you every step of the way.

Located in the heart of Cerritos, a short drive from Los Angeles, Long Beach and Orange County,

Fremont College is in a convenient location within Southern California. The Fremont Difference- Associates Degrees in 15 Months

Speed and Convenience at Fremont.

Time is money. We believe that your time is valuable. "If you're ready to get ahead in your career, the time is now to make the change. ". Fremont College uses an intensive, immersive learning model that helps you hear, see, experience, and think about what You're learning in a dynamic environment. We work with you to register your classes in advance so there's never a worry that you won't get the classes you need. This lets us accelerate the teaching process and allows you to quickly become a professional in your field.

Many of our students attend classes 2-3 days a week while working part time, or some choose to work full-time and begin their classes in the weekday evenings.

The program is not for everyone it requires commitment, dedication, and hard work. But the rewards are great; most of our students are ready to find a job and launch their careers in less than 15 months. Is the rest of your life worth 15 months of learning?

If you have the desire to be the best, the staff and faculty at Fremont College are committed to providing

the education you need to make your dreams a reality.

Business Administration Degree

Are you someone who enjoys working with people all day? With an education in Business Administration from Fremont College, you will be able to sell and service customers by becoming attuned to their needs.

The Business Administration degree program equips students with the skills that business managers are looking for: computer technical skills, financial savvy, disciplined work ethic, and the ability to collaborate with others. Through our class programs, the members of our faculty guide students on a journey toward intellectual growth, development of technical skills, and personal maturing. Fremont College cultivates a synthesis of creativity and analytical mindset to prepare students for all the challenges that arise in the modern work place. Students have found success after training at Fremont through employment at reputable firms or by becoming entrepreneurs.

As part of the Fremont business degree program, students learn how to balance knowledge in a product or an industry with the customer service skills required when dealing with the public.

Fremont teaches students the technical skills used in business operations through faculty guidance. What does that include? Students will learn the basic functions of Microsoft Office software to enable them to proficiently create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations in their daily work. In addition to being able to use these tools, students will develop a comprehensive knowledge of finance and marketing to be able to maneuver in today's corporate marketplace.

What it comes down to is acquiring the skills needed to execute ambitions and aspirations. Fremont can teach you, through their business classes what you need to do so.

To ensure that the graduates of Fremont College are equipped to become professionals in their future careers, the curriculum evolves to accommodate new trends in the field, though our educational standards remain the same. Fremont organizes guest speakers and develops new teaching methods to provide deeper understanding of the functions and duties associated with business administration. Students develop in-depth intelligence of the banking industry or property management, depending on the concentration chosen, in addition to the critical skills needed to succeed in business.

Paralegal Studies

ABA Approved Associate of Arts Degree (60 weeks /105 units)

Program Benefits

After 15 years of working in a day care facility, Esther Curtiss was unemployed and unsure of which direction to take her future. Going back to school seemed like a great way to get some direction. Enrolling in the Paralegal Studies program at Fremont College gave Esther the capability of looking forward with confidence. 'Attending Fremont College has given me a lot more options, ' said Esther.

What kinds of options do Esther and all of the graduates of Fremont College have available to them? With her education, Esther will be trained for career as a paralegal or for continued education in law school. She could become an evidence technician, an investigator or a law librarian. She could become an editor for a legal publisher, if she wanted. Courses at Fremont prepare students to work in any environment, from small law firms to large law firms to the government to other businesses.

The classroom environment makes a difference in adult learning. Many adults will not find educational success at a school geared toward students who are 18-22 years old. Adults want to be surrounded by other adults who are just as interested in furthering their careers through their academic endeavors. 'It felt good to know that other people were in the same position I was and that we were all working together. ' Education does not have to be a competition, but an opportunity for growth by building one another up.

Students who graduate from Fremont College have a sense of purpose and direction concerning their futures. 'I feel very confident about my future now, ' Esther said. 'I feel like it's secure now. ' You can have this same sense of security by pursuing a career that you are truly interested in achieving. You don't have to be an academic scholar; you just need to have a desire to change your future and the determination to achieve it.

Skills learned include:

Core legal classes provide students with understanding of multiple legal practice areas

Innovative technology used in law firms, courts, and legal departments

Beginning and advanced legal research and writing skills

Real-world practices enabling students to be workplace contributors

Massage and Sports Rehabilitation Therapy

The Massage and Sports Rehabilitation Therapy program at Fremont College strives to provide students with a blend of hands-on experience and technical knowledge of massage therapy. Through this broad introduction into the art and science of massage, students learn how massage techniques can be used in relation to the specific conditions of the body. These in-depth educational skills will increase the theoretical knowledge behind massage as well as the specialized career training needed to perform it. Fremont provides a well-rounded curriculum of technology and hands-on practice to produce capable professionals.

Alternative medicine and holistic therapies have gained credibility across the country in recent years. These techniques have become mainstream treatments for various common health problems Americans face. To relieve mental and physical ailments from depression to sports injuries, full body massages have become regular treatments. Even stress relief can be reduced with massage therapy. Fremont College equips students to meet the high demand for massage professionals in today's medical field.

Students can choose to focus on massage therapy in their degree studies or sports and rehabilitation therapy. Sports injury rehabilitation combines the theory behind massage with the skills specially designed for treating sports injuries and conditions. Sports massage therapy incorporates unique strokes, techniques and methods to treat athletes before, during and after sporting events. Massage at each stage of the event is performed differently to maximize a body's physical capabilities. Taking precautions with massage can decrease the chance of injury to an athlete, which is vital since his or her body is a vessel for career success. Students of the sports and rehabilitation therapy program will be able to accurately use relevant terminology, describe common ailments and treat problem areas through the use of massage. Students will be able to recognize and assess injuries to treat them most effectively. Coursework includes biomechanics, range of motion and therapeutic exercise and modalities to rehabilitate active people.

Fremont College, located in Cerritos, California near Los Angeles, can supply you with knowledge and capability for success in your career. Classes combine lecture, lab work and hands-on training to equip students with the tools they may not be able to receive at schools elsewhere.

Fremont College


18000 Studebaker Road, 900A Cerritos, California 90703

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United States Universities, Colleges and Schools

Fremont College

18000 Studebaker Road, 900A Cerritos, California 90703

Phone 562 809 5100

Fax 562 809 7100