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St. Thomas University Florida

Our prestigious US degree is highly selective and uniquely accepts a limited number of non-lawyers for cross-fertilization.

Now in its 8th year, this is the only online LLM program at an ABA accredited institution.

This is the only program concentrated in the robust job markets of Anti-Money Laundering, in Global Commerce, and in International Tax

Last year alone, our nearly 500 alumni and students received over 300 excellent job opportunities in these fields.

The LLM is flexible: can be completed in one year, up to four years.  Graduation requires 28 credits which translate into 8 substantive courses and Thesis courses.  By example, if you registered for 3 courses per 16-week trimester, you could graduate within the year.

Also, because our students are employed at the elite banks, firms, and multinationals, our program is geared to a real-business, case study approach, with each student integrating his/her study into the issues occurring at the workplace.  Nearly all our professors come from years of international business experience, have worked with the elite firms, and engage with the students in interactive online group and individual discussions, and give feedback upon the group and individual assignments.

Upon receiving your application, the founder and director, will welcome your personal interview to help you and us decide whether our innovative program fits your employment needs, and whether you will be one of the fifty chosen to pursue this unique opportunity.

The Walter H. and Dorothy B. Diamond Graduate Tax Program can broaden your horizons in many ways.   We also have a scholarship program for financial hardship students and for every qualified referral(s) that joins the program.

Innovative online program

  • Interactive discussion with professors
  • Professional-flexible time planning through student scheduling of weekly interaction
  • Employer oriented degree personalized assignments focused on your current work issues
  • Professional-flexible curriculum planning through 30 course offerings
  • Coaching/consultation

Program Outcomes

  • International job opportunities
  • Higher earning opportunity
  • Broader client attraction opportunity
  • International professional qualification mobility
  • Cutting edge training in research, technology, and legal updates
  • Program developed to match real world intra-firm/company and client communication and interaction
Contact details:

St. Thomas University School of Law

William H. Byrnes, Director of International Taxation

6885 S. W. 58th Place

South Miami, Florida 33143

(305) 668-8363



16401 NW 37th Avenue - Miami Gardens, FL 33054

Main: 305. 628. 6546 - Law School: 305. 623. 2310

Website: www.stu.edu


United States Universities, Colleges and Schools

United States Universities, Colleges and Schools




16401 NW 37th Avenue - Miami Gardens, FL 33054

(305) 668-3260Law School: 305. 623. 2310

Website: www.stu.edu


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