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Reading Made Easy

-Premier Assistive Technology-

Our Mission

To enrich and improve the lives of millions of people worldwide by making information truly accessible through the use of affordable technology.



Company Profile


Premier Assistive Technology was founded in 1998 with a mission to provide assistive technology to persons with disabilities and give them access to today's technologically oriented world. In targeting those objectives, we are rapidly finding that our technologies are beginning to reach far beyond the boundaries that have historically been framed by the visually disabled software market to other emerging areas. We have developed a complete suite of products that address "reading and information transfer" needs for individuals with visual and mobility challenges. Applications for learning disabilities, general literacy and English as a second language can also be well-served using existing and emerging assistive technologies.


Our suite of products continues to grow and now includes the following 14 products and technologies: Scan and Read Lite , Scan and Read Pro , Text-to-Audio , Talking Word Processor , Text Cloner , Text Cloner Pro , Talking Calculator , Scan and View , Complete Reading System , Universal Reader , OFF Limits The Talking Web Browser, PDF Magic , The Ultimate Talking Dictionary and Predictor Pro Word Prediction.


All of our products are designed with simplicity in mind and feature both easy setup and "one-button" control for many key functions. The quality and overall capabilities of our products is equal to or better than any on the market today, with one major difference . . . ours cost much less. A driving force behind Premier Assistive's business philosophy is that assistive technology should be affordable for everyone!!!


We are convinced you'll find that our products meet all of your assistive technology needs. We're constantly working to upgrade our current products and develop new ones, so please be sure to visit our web site frequently for our latest updates and news about developments in the assistive technology marketplace. Look for Premier Assistive to continue at the forefront of product innovation to expand the ways in which assistive technology can meet an ever-widening circle of needs.


Feel free to call us any time if you any questions, comments or suggestions. For your convenience, you can order by phone at (517) 668-8188, 815-722-5961 or securely via our web site at www.readingmadeeasy. com . You can also email us at info@readingmadeeasy. com .



Onsite Training


Premier Assistive regularly conducts classes for entire school districts to fully teach and demonstrate all of the products in the Accessibility Suite as a means of fast-tracking your implementation. Typically, these classes qualify as in service time for all teachers.


WHAT DO WE TEACH? For our training sessions, we focus on How to integrate Assistive Technology into a class room environment and help students develop life skills that will take them beyond school .  We expect all participants to come away with a good basic first-hand knowledge of how our products actually work. Depending on the size of your facility, we can accommodate up to 25 individuals in an all-day session. We encourage not only school personnel, but (if there is room in the facility) other parents as well, to attend these sessions, because there are significant benefits to using these affordable products at home for students who are also using them at school.

If you have any further questions regarding our products, the training or to schedule a training session, please call us immediately at 815-722-5961 or 517-668-8188. Thank you.  

United States Universities, Colleges and Schools

United States Universities, Colleges and Schools



Our office hours are from 8:00 a. m. - 5:00 p. m. Eastern time (U. S).


Premier Assistive Technology

Executive Offices

1309 N. William St.

Joliet, IL 60435

Phone 815-722-5961 IL

Fax 815-722-8802

Premier Assistive Technology

R&D Lab

13102 Blaisdell

Dr. DeWitt, MI 48820

Phone 517-668-8188

Fax 517-668-2417


General Information: info@readingmadeeasy. com

Sales: info@readingmadeeasy. com

Customer Support: info@readingmadeeasy. com

Product List

Premier CD Creator

E-Text Reader


Ultimate Talking Dictionary

Talking Checkbook

Universal Reader

Universal Reader Plus

Scan And Read Pro

Scan and Read Lite

PDF Magic


Text Cloner Pro


Talking Word Processor

Text To Audio

Fax N Read

Predictor Pro

Complete Reading System

Scan And View

Talking Calc

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