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Study at Yeshiva of the Telshe Alumni

Students attend Yeshiva of The Telshe Alumni in Riverdale, NY, a large city. The school is a private, not-for-profit institution. Yeshiva of The Telshe Alumni degrees go up to the Bachelor s degree.

Yeshiva of The Telshe Alumni Selectivity

The school is selective and does not offer open admission. Many applicants are from out of state, an indication of the quality or special character of the school.


The full-time faculty at the school is well-paid, which often goes with faculty quality.

Student enrolment

There are 112 students at Yeshiva of The Telshe Alumni. A very high share of students at the school are male.

Student Life

Yeshiva of The Telshe Alumni has a residential or campus feel. The school offers dorm rooms to a higher percentage of its students than do most colleges. Yeshiva of The Telshe Alumni offers students meal plans.

The school reports its educational mission is:

"Yeshiva of the Telshe Alumni seek to train students in the skills required for understanding, studying and mastering the Talmud and the considerable body of traditional Jewish thought. At the same time we are committed to the understanding that knowledge is a means to a larger end. We seek therefore to help students build a world outlook drawn from the ethical and moral concepts of Judaism. If scholarship is to have a significant value it must orient its students to a way of life that, by its own definition, is good and moral. "


Yeshiva of The Telshe Alumni

4904 Independence Ave

Riverdale, NY 10471

General Phone: (718) 601-3523

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