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Study at Pennsylvania Institute of Technology

Pennsylvania Institute of Technology (PIT) has been providing students with the opportunity to gain associates degrees and certificates through a wide-range of programs for over 50 years. The school, located on Manchester Avenue in Media, Pennsylvania, specializes in preparing students for exceptional careers in their chosen field of study, or getting them ready to transfer into another institute of higher learning. Pennsylvania Institute of Technology's acclaimed curriculums and 94% job placement rating attract students from all over the country, helping to make campus a diverse and culturally exciting place to attend classes and gain an education.

Points of Distinction

  • Providing associates degree and certificate programs for over 50 years
  • Convenient location in Media, Pennsylvania
  • 94% job placement rating for graduates
  • Will help students prepare for attending a secondary college after gaining their associates degree
  • Culturally diverse student population

Course Topics

Pennsylvania Institute of Technology has many different programs for students to choose from, all of which are recognized for their up-to-date curriculums, which are always changing to take advantage of new industry standards to better prepare graduates for the work place. With over 9 associates degree programs and many other Course Topics that yield certificates upon graduation, Pennsylvania Institute of Technology ensures that their graduates are some of the best in the fields they are studying with their externship program, which gives students a chance to work in the field before graduation. Some of the programs offered at Pennsylvania Institute of Technology include Allied Health Technology, Pharmacy Technician, Business Administration Technology, and Web Design Technology.

Pennsylvania Institute of Technology Selectivity

Admission's at Pennsylvania Institute of Technology is quick and easy. Pennsylvania Institute of Technology uses a simple 4 step process for admission into its' programs. The first step requires all prospective students to call and talk to an admissions advisor, who will go over the rest of the admissions process with the applicant and get them started by sending out more information about the school and program lists. Next financial aid and scholarship information and forms will need to be filled out and submitted. Finally, the applicant should officially apply for admission online, or visit the campus for a tour and while there fill out a hard copy of the application.

Pennsylvania Institute of Technology Faculty Quality

The faculty at Pennsylvania Institute of Technology are all masters of their fields, with extensive knowledge of the programs they teach. All of the faculty are available for extra help after class, as it is the goal of all the faculty and staff at the college to see the students attending succeed. 1 on 1 tutoring sessions and group study are common, and help students maintain their work while balancing their busy lives which are normally associated with college life. Faculty members are able to bring their experience into the classroom, as well as teaching the content of the courses, giving students a glimpse into the work place before they even attend an externship or graduate.

Pennsylvania Institute of Technology Student Enrolment

The students at Pennsylvania Institute of Technology all have a similar, hard-working mind set, and are ready to start building a career for the rest of their lives using the programs as their foundation. All of the students are able to form lasting relationships, with fellow students, professors, and administrators, that will help them in the work place and help make the college experience special for each person attending the school. Most students find that relationships with other students last well beyond college, and sometimes into the work place as many employers associated with Pennsylvania Institute of Technology hire large portions of graduating classes, adding to the already excellent 94% job placement rating the school has earned throughout the years.

Pennsylvania Institute of Technology Student Life

Student's lives while attending classes at Pennsylvania Institute of Technology are able to be kept unchanged. Many students' schedules also include full-time jobs, raising families, or other responsibilities outside of education, and Pennsylvania Institute of Technology's flexible scheduling, evening classes, and convenient campus locations make attending classes even easier for students who are always on the go. Pennsylvania is a great place to attend classes, with the city and the surrounding areas ideal for college life with plenty of restaurants, bars, movie theatres, amusement parks, and other tourist attractions that make the time spent after classes fun and exciting.

Programs of Study

(Note:Not all programs are necessarily available at all locations. )

  • Digital Communication and Media/Multimedia
Computer Aided Design (CAD)
  • CAD/CADD Drafting and/or Design Technology/Technician
Computer Networking
  • Computer Systems Networking and Telecommunications General
  • System Networking and LAN/WAN Management/Manager
Engineering Design
  • Mechanical Engineering General
Graphic Design
  • Graphic Design
HVAC Electrical Construction
  • Construction Engineering Technology/Technician
Information Technology
  • Computer Programming Vendor/Product Certification
  • Information Technology
Management and Administration
  • Administrative Assistant and Secretarial Science General
  • office Management and Supervision
  • Marketing/Marketing Management General
Medical Assisting and Nursing
  • Medical/Clinical Assistant
  • Pharmacy Technician/Assistant
Medical and Dental Administration
  • Medical office Management/Administration
Multimedia and Web Design
  • Web Page Digital/Multimedia and Information Resources Design
Photography and photo journalism
  • Digital Communication and Media/Multimedia
  • Architectural Engineering Technology/Technician
  • Civil Engineering Technology/Technician
  • Computer Software Technology/Technician
Visual Arts
  • Graphic Design
Pennsylvania Institute of Technology Degrees or Coursework

(Note:Not all degrees and coursework are necessarily available for all programs of study. )

Degrees or Coursework
  • Associate
  • Certificate
Pennsylvania Institute of Technology Campus Locations

  • Media
  • Philadelphia

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