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American Preparatory Academy

To provide an orderly, safe and nurturing learning environment wherein content-rich, efficient curriculum and research-based instructional methodologies are utilized to ensure that every student achieves academic success and develops good character based on concrete measurements.

Our Philosophy

Student academic achievement is the primary goal of American Preparatory Academy. We believe that only when students master fundamentals, and are fluent in the basic foundational knowledge of the major disciplines can they move on to effectively express their knowledge and master higher-level skills. Therefore, the foundation of our instruction will focus on mastery of fundamentals. We define mastery as the ability to demonstrate knowledge and skills repeatedly and accurately. This requires repeated instruction in the subject matter, increasing degree of challenge and considerable practice. As our students master the fundamentals, our instruction will focus on sequential building of conceptual knowledge and promoting independent expression of knowledge. Finally, our instruction will focus on individual internalization of conceptual knowledge, expressed in extensive written work and verbal presentation, preparing our students for advanced study at the high school level. These levels of instruction and knowledge attainment follow the classical education model of the Trivium - grammar, logic and rhetoric. American Preparatory Academy respects this well-founded, proven educational model and uses it in selecting and implementing the school's curriculum.

Our Curriculum

Research-based curriculum and methodologies:

American Preparatory Academy will utilize Direct Instruction Reading Mastery, Connecting Math Concepts, Spelling Mastery, and other Direct Instruction programs. Saxon Math and Open Court reading will be used in the upper grades. The CHAMPS program will be used for classroom and school-wide behavior management. The Core Knowledge curriculum will be implemented in the fullest possible manner as determined by the Principal and Governing Board. Precision Teaching techniques will be employed, as well as supplemental math programs as needed. The Shurley method of English will be taught in all grades. Monart drawing will be the art curriculum.

A requirement of all curriculum is that it be research-based and field tested, or based on evidenced-based pedagogical theory. Mastery of delivery, then innovation, will be encouraged within the parameters of the chosen curricula and methodologies.

American Preparatory Academy will utilize achievement grouping in the teaching of reading, spelling and math through grade 4. This means that all students will be assessed and placed into groups that will allow them to be taught at exactly the correct instructional level. These "fluid groups" will be composed of approximately 8-12 students, and will be continually assessed to ensure the proper placement of each student.

In a general sense, American Preparatory Academy will follow the classical education model of the Trivium - respecting the grammar, logic and rhetorical phases of learning and applying those principles in our classroom teaching to ensure our students are progressing through those stages appropriately.

School Vision

To provide a safe, engaging, nurturing learning environment that utilizes research-based, efficient curriculum and proven instructional methodologies to ensure that EVERY CHILD achieves academic success and develops good character based on concrete measurements.

I. Safe: (for students and families)

Physically - American Preparatory Academy will provide a safe physical environment in keeping with all applicable federal, state and local health and safety regulations.


Positive communication will be used by all staff, at all times

Positive communication will be taught in a concrete manner to students

Positive communication will be modeled for families, and taught through regular, written communication and frequent informal gatherings and parent's meetings

II. Engaging:

Culture of inclusiveness, kindness, teamwork, and identity

Frequent assemblies to regularly allow students opportunities to "show what they know!" and recognize outstanding efforts and behavior

Extra-curricular activities will be an extension of our programs

music programs and talent showcases



chess club (upper grades)

science club

service club

III. Nurturing:

Each staff member will be hired only after answering a battery of questions that demonstrates his/her fundamental philosophy of "the worth of a child" as outlined by personnel policy

Staff in-service on "the worth of each child" and positive discipline techniques will be held regularly both on a group basis and as individual needs dictate

CHAMPS classroom management will be fully implemented

IV. Learning:

Every aspect of the student's experience from the moment they enter the school door will confirm to them that "this is a learning place!" This will include what they see on the walls and the actions and words they hear from staff and other students.

Asking of thoughtful questions will be encouraged and rewarded.

Each child will internalize the concept "I am a great learner" as they become part of the school culture.

Staff will demonstrate to all students that we are ALL learners, even the adults! Staff will model the learning process, confirming to students that learning never ends.

Contact APA

American Preparatory Academy of Draper

12892 S. Pony Express Rd.

Draper, UT 84020-9273

Phone: (801) 553-8500

Fax: (801) 576-9300

E-mail: info@apamail. org

http://www.americanprep. org/

Contact APA

American Preparatory Academy of Draper

12892 S. Pony Express Rd.

Draper, UT 84020-9273

Phone: (801) 553-8500

Fax: (801) 576-9300

E-mail: info@apamail. org

http://www.americanprep. org/