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Hope Medical Institute

Making World Class Physicians and Veterinarians Today For Tomorrow's World

HMI offers:

The opportunity to earn degrees from well-established European universities recognized by medical and veterinary licensing boards in the USA and around the world.

Lower educational costs than in the U. S.

Financial aid is available for eligible students.

The chance to enjoy the culture and beauty of Europe while studying.

Fully-accredited by US Department of Education as well as Licensing Authorities and Boards of USA.

For You There is Hope.

Medical Degree Program (MD)

Veterinary Medicine Degree Program (DVM)

Academic Programs to meet the needs of many

Programs for College Graduates with Pre-Med or Pre-Vet Backgrounds

Program for College Graduates without Pre-Med Backgrounds

Programs for 2 Years of College Education with Pre-Med or Pre-Vet backgrounds

Program for High School Graduates

Invest your time and energy in a career that will bring you great respect and rewards.

Do you know?

All our medical and veterinary universities are fully recognized and accredited by authorities and licensing boards in the USA.

In the last half-century, our universities have trained more than 15, 000 physicians and veterinarians and many of them work and hold prestigious positions in the USA.

More than 25% (187, 500 physicians) in the USA are currently active in practice and were educated and trained by medical colleges abroad.

Recent statistics show that nearly 50% of the physicians at the National Institute of Health are International Medical Graduates (IMGs) and almost 40% of the Nobel Laureates in medicine are immigrants.

US government has qualified all our medical and veterinary schools for their quality education. Because of this, it provides financial aid to our qualified students.

Some of our Professors have been placed on list contender for Nobel prize.

Many of our university Professors have more than two postgraduate degrees and hold high positions in European and international professional societies.

Opportunities for MD &DVM Degrees Await You

An Institute of Hope

Hope Medical Institute was founded to eliminate despair and bring renewed hope to medical and veterinary medicine students who have been rejected due to unavailability of space, but who otherwise are as well qualified as those who are accepted. Every year more than 28, 000 qualified applicants are denied admission to medical colleges. More than 50% of all veterinary school applicants in the USA are denied admission.

Hope Medical Institute's Objective

The primary goal of HMI is to restore hope and bring dreams to fulfillment in the lives of qualified students by creating opportunities for them to study medicine and veterinary medicine at internationally respected institutions. HMI has made it possible for many qualified, but disappointed and unfairly treated students to achieve their goal of careers in medicine and veterinary medicine.

HMI was founded by a group of scientists, physicians and business executives who were frustrated about gaining admission to medical and veterinary schools for their sons and daughters. They learned quickly how difficult it is to obtain admission to a reputable medical or veterinary school in the United States and how difficult resettling, transferring and getting licenses in the U. S. can be for students who have studied medicine or veterinary medicine abroad. To help frustrated students and their parents overcome these problems and obstacles, Hope Medical Institute was created. HMI has developed working relationships with various medical and veterinary institutions that are able to take HMI students and educate them, ensuring that they become effective, well-trained physicians or veterinarians, so that passing the board exam and getting licensed in the United States will be easy tasks.
Educational Opportunities Second To None

Recognized by American Medical and Veterinary Licensing Boards

Opportunities for qualified students to do clinical training in the USA

Eligible for licensing in many countries, including USA, Canada and Europe

European campuses by far, are safer compared to many American college campuses

Very low educational related expenses compared to many American Colleges (50% or more savings)

Well-trained staff on site to assist students with academic, cultural and social adjustments

Small, personalized classes taught in English

Financial aid is available for many programs, sponsored by the US Government through the US Department of Education

Very old, well-established institutions of higher learning, with rich European traditions

Unique experience of learning on an international level in world class settings

American fast food available near many campuses

An International Institute of Opportunities

HMI is an international institute, having afiliations and cooperative working relationships with many schools of medicine and veterinary medicine from Europe. These institutions are among the world's finest and best known medical and veterinary universities, many with histories and traditions going back more than a century. During their long years of service, they have trained thousands of international students. They offer programs which are accredited and lead to licensing to practice medicine and veterinary medicine in the United States and Canada. All are recognized and listed by the World Health Organization (WHO) as well as medical and veterinary licensing boards of the USA.

The institutions are fully accredited by the US Department of Education for quality education in medicine and veterinary medicine. That is why financial aid is available by the US Department of Education. The courses are taught in the English language with U. S. texts in a cordial environment. The tradition of HMI's affiliated institutions is to have small classes and to offer the personalized education and training needed to prepare you for a successful career as a physician or veterinarian.

Commitment to Excellence

Our purpose is to make it possible for each qualified student to attend an internationally respected medical or veterinary school and to pursue his or her studies in safety and comfort, both physical and emotional. Our affiliated institutions are committed to excellence in medical and veterinary education.

Today with joy and pride, we declare that the alumni of our universities work at many well-known and prestigious institutions, clinics and hospitals such as Cornell, Columbia, Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic, Stanford and many others alike.

Hope Medical Institute

Hope Center

11835 Rock Landing Drive

Newport News, VA 23606




email: gethope@hmi-edu. net

Website: www.hopemedicalinstitute. net

United States Universities, Colleges and SchoolsHope Medical Institute

Hope Center

11835 Rock Landing Drive

Newport News, VA 23606



email: gethope@hmi-edu. netWebsite: www.hopemedicalinstitute. net