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United States Universities, Colleges and Schools

United States Universities, Colleges and Schools United States Universities, Colleges and Schools

United States Universities, Colleges and Schools

American Global University Wyoming United States


American Global University is a private institution of higher learning, founded in June of 1996, offering courses of instruction leading to Associate's, Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctoral degrees, as well as Undergraduate and Post Doctoral Certificates. All of the degree programs offered by the University have been reviewed, evaluated, and approved by highly qualified scholars who are faculty members at prestigious institutions throughout the world.
American Global University offers its programs worldwide, utilizing contemporary communication technologies, in order to provide students with the opportunity to study anywhere, any time, and at their own pace.  
It is the goal of American Global University to provide meaningful, quality education, and professional training compatible with the needs of mature adults, meaning individuals having completed a minimum of a year of college or a year of work experience beyond high school.
The University believes that students and educators are to be held equally accountable for the quality of their interaction, and the responsibility for learning must be shared by all individuals involved in the educational circle. The University fills the need for innovative programs that reduce barriers and limitations, while still maintaining high standards for the quality of education provided. Toward this end, we have created programs that meet the needs of a dynamic society without unnecessarily limiting the educational delivery system.
Our challenge is to assist our students in developing a program around their personal interests and goals, thereby creating a synthesis of thinking and learning. Our faculty will provide guided inquiries into areas of knowledge, beliefs, and value systems. With the proper organizational guidelines and administrative support, students will acquire and demonstrate a greater breadth and depth of knowledge, critical thinking, and clear self-expression, as well as gain the research skills necessary to maintain a high level of competence in the students' areas of expertise. It is our responsibility to aid in the development of responsible citizens by maintaining an up-to-date and relevant curriculum in order to achieve the knowledge base and skills required in an ever-changing society. This includes the ability to develop concern for moral perception, self-actualization, and academic discipline.

At American Global University, we understand a sound general education covering the basic fundamentals of language, science, mathematics, social sciences and art is the essential substructure that will support all higher education and learning. A strong general education will not only provide the student with the prerequisites to advance to a higher education but will also be an orientation to becoming scientific-minded. Only this development of a scientific and open mind can prepare students to understand and fully absorb the subjects studied in their chosen specialties at the graduate level.
This philosophy is based on the concept of providing students with a vehicle that will take them in any educational direction they choose to travel.
A solid general education is truly the foundation for all future learning. Without this general knowledge and understanding, the student would be ill prepared for advanced learning. Indeed, without general education, postsecondary education can not be successful.  
American Global University was developed as an alternative to traditional institutions of higher learning for those persons who are unable to experience a classroom college-level education for various reasons. From its inception, the University has been committed to the belief that each person is a unique and diverse individual, and that society will benefit to the extent that each individual is able to contribute to the societal pool of talent.
The goals and purposes of American Global University are as follows:
  1. To provide educational programs leading to academic degrees or certificates to those individuals who cannot attend traditional institutions and have shown the discipline to learn on an individual basis.

  2. To allow enthusiastic members of the workforce to continue their education without adversely affecting their careers by overburdening their individual schedules.

  3. To keep students informed by exposing them to the most recent and authoritative materials, theories, and techniques in their areas of study.

  4. To develop in students the maximum levels of career performance and competence, including knowledge required by current and future trends in their specific areas of interest and employment.

  5. To provide students with the research skills necessary to succeed in today's rapidly changing and diverse global society.

The process involved in Independent Directed Study is viewed as a process of encouraging the student toward self-discipline, self-appraisal, self-revelation, and self-sufficiency, all of which are traits that are highly prized in today's market place.

American Global University does not and will not discriminate against any individual or group due to race, gender, age, religion, ethnic background, disability, or national origin. On the contrary, it is our belief that diversity enhances the quality of our education and lives. American Global University is committed to educating the most diverse student pool possible.  
The role of the College of Alternative Medicine Research Advancement is to produce highly trained graduates who embody the finest principles of ethical professionalism. It is our belief that graduates of American Global University will best serve their communities when they have, in addition to mastery of their field, a genuine commitment to the highest standards of personal conduct and the healing profession. Therefore, it is the aim of the College to bring ethics, professionalism, caring, and dedication to this demanding and useful field.
The mission of the College of Asian Studies is to promote both intercultural and intracultural understanding, religious tolerance and to address the causes of misunderstanding and hatred which have often been rife in history. Cultures tend to be ethnocentric and not infrequently can lack adequate knowledge of each other's beliefs, values and lifeways. Moreover, typically, a culture or society espouses its own uniqueness and may even advocate its particular brand of believed superiority. Jealousy, hatred, and even war can thus result between cultures. Through ignorance and close-mindedness, people can resent those of other nationalities, religions, races or colors. Even gender differences may come into play. Through education, the College of Asian Studies endeavors to open 'closed' minds with knowledge of other cultures and societies thereby developing a degree of respect for and understanding of cultural and religious differences. Hatred and resentment can exist within a culture as well. Thus, it is likewise the mission of the College of Asian Studies to educate and inform people regarding their own cultures.
The faculty of the College of Behavioral Sciences is committed to the academic and experiential assistance and preparation of the students who show interest in acquiring scientific knowledge of human behavior phenomena. While the B. A. curriculum exposes the undergraduates to fundamental concepts, theories and perspectives regarding human behavior and psychology, the M. A. and Ph. D. degree programs are geared toward the academic and experiential preparation of students who seek professional expertise in the academic/scientific mental health fields
The mission of the College of Business Administration is to provide opportunities for self-directed mature students to gain knowledge and earn academic degrees. These degrees and qualifications are needed by students to play a successful role in today's local, national, and international ever-changing and competitive business environments. These opportunities are well provided through offering flexible highly individualized degree programs, designed to meet the educational needs of the students who are under time and location constraints. Rather than bringing the students to the classes at a specific time and a specified location, these programs direct the learning process to the student's locale at his/her own convenient time.
Due to the technological advances of the late 20th century, the 21st Century holds many exciting advantages and challenges for the university student. The field of education is no exception. American Global University's College of Education , which combines the departments of Education and General Education, utilizes a high tech approach to learning including Internet Interfacing, Interaction in an Asynchronous Online Environment, Audio and Video faculty, and Student Input. Additionally, the College is committed to the concept of TQM (Total Quality Management) whereby both the teacher and student are involved in a "win-win" situation. AGU's College of Education combines educational excellence with a commitment toward the future to meet the scholarly, business, and personal needs of mid-career professionals in research and teaching. Both the programs in education and general education attempt to address the needs of the mature independently motivated, confident, and goal oriented student while striving to assist the younger student who, having recently graduated from a traditional environment, craves the challenges of Distance Learning.
The mission of the College of Information Technology is to provide the latest technological services and breakthroughs to our students through dynamic curricula and courses. These are the framework for planning for the future and challenging the demand of the international job market. Additionally the College will utilize an ever updated curriculum that can be used universally, using universal technology language, and be adapted both theoretically and practically.
The mission of the College of Iranian Studies and Persian Literature is to meet the salient need in response to the requests of many Iranians by offering courses in culture and literature via distance learning, solely in the Persian language (Farsi). Every human being is a product of his or her culture, language, and birthplace. Moreover, these three environmental accouterments are taken along when one emigrates to other lands. Under some regimes, because of racism and prejudice, a nation may face many obstacles in maintaining ties with its native culture and lifeways. People can be strictly forbidden to practice age-old traditions or even speak their native language. The United States is unique in that it welcomes immigrants from all walks of life and from all nations. Some immigrants are forced to leave their homeland for political reasons or because they fear death for themselves and their families if they remain under the control of a totalitarian government or a cruel dictatorship. Others come to the United States of their own volition, seeking a happier and more prosperous life to pursue their goals in a free and open society. From 1979 (the beginning of the so-called revolution in Iran) to the present, approximately four million Iranians have been forced to leave whatever they had and flee their homeland to save their lives and the lives of their loved ones. Others chose voluntary exile because of the lack of freedom and the prospect of an uncertain future for their families if they remained in Iran. This large population of Iranians living outside of Iran consists of people who are highly educated and have a deep love of their mother country. In addition to celebrating new lives in their newly adopted countries, they wish to preserve and perpetuate the culture of their homeland. They want their children and future generations to know their native language, history, cuisine, and traditions, and to understand more fully their countrymen left behind. Education is a most beneficial tool that gives immigrants the opportunity to study their native culture and language. Although Iranians in exile have established many cultural centres and Persian language classes in their adopted countries, there is not one institution that provides a systematic education at the college level. Thus, the College of Iranian Studies and Persian Literature has been established to meet this need.
The mission of the College of Mathematics (CMS) at American Global University is to offer high quality educational programs at both undergraduate and graduate levels. These programs have a wide and open range in both mathematics and applied mathematics. This means that CMS is capable of designing and offering new applied mathematics courses in accordance with students' needs. A variety of tracks in applied mathematics, such as statistics and operations research, are designed to develop knowledge and skills necessary for employment in business, industry, government and educational environment.
The mission of the College of Public Administration is to provide high quality academic programs leading to degrees in Public Administration for working adult students and other individuals who wish to further their professional and educational goals. Using innovative methods such as distance-education technologies, the college serves the educational needs of government employees at the local, state, and national levels. It prepares students to give better service to their constituents, as well as teaches them how to better work with highly specialized private sectors. Also, there are courses that prepare the students for participating and operating in the ever-expanding activities of international organizations.
Integrating advanced academic theories with current practical applications, the College of Public Administration provides individualized degree programs that are specially geared toward working adult students who are under constraints of time and location. Students can thereby achieve their educational goals without the limitations imposed by conventional institutions of higher learning.

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